Who is Human, Anyway?

Becoming Human

by Eliza Green

Rating: 3 out of 5.

We are being attacked… but why?! The bombs started falling just as the sun was setting into the far off hills. Humans are being systematically wiped from the face of the planet … but why?

The day came at last. The day we stepped out into a new Earth. A new world. A world we never thought we could reach. A world we could have never changed, but now… Now, we can!!

Spoiler Alert! Go no further… if you like the truth of the matter to sneak up on you… as you make wild guesses as to what is going on. Take my word for it’s readability and stop here… and go read it!

I am having a hard time writing the review of this book. I want to tell you how much I liked it and talk all about the twist and turns of the story.

But I do not want to spoil it for you, and so here is me telling you about this book without telling you about this book.

Lets talk first… about me. At 69 I have read some if not all the great Sci-Fi books of all time. This is not one of them but some of the great books from the past were not as good as this one tries to be.

What would you do if the entire human race was going to come to a end if you could not find a replacement Earth to move to ? Then having found a place close to but not quite the same as your Earth. A place in which you could not breath. And could not change. And would not live long enough to get to. But then you could !

“Dropping to their knees, they picked up handfuls of soggy earth and smeared it over their faces, their chests, their arms and legs, to lessen the effects of the static. The acid rain-sodden ground only aggravated their condition. The adults’ screams pierced the contaminated air. Hot, salty tears fell from their inflamed eyes. The young, equally afflicted, struggled to stay on their feet. Shiny spheres dropped to the earth in bundles, splitting apart and unleashing their gases just before impact.”

Becoming Human by Eliza Green

We meet and grow close to the players in this story based on what kind of person we are. Some of you will take sides and some will not. But one thing is for sure, you will know them! Maybe not in great detail as in some long -long- long tales. But enough to think of them as someone we met on the street and got to know better as we saw more of them each day till suddenly we have formed an opinion of them and passed judgement on them .

The idea of taking us away from this reality and transplanting us into a new reality is as old as time and it is no different with this book. We are taught life lessons while we think we are being entertained. And it works! This book might be thought to be to simple by some, but I’m thinking a young adult would read it and not get bored.

I can not… will not… say any more!

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