Dad, why do you take so many pictures?

As a parent, I am entering that dreaded phase of parenting a teenager, with two more not far behind. I anticipate blinking only a few more times before my kids are adults, so I’m glad that I have found Amy’s book now, while there’s a little time left to capture. Now, that’s not to say that I haven’t captured some wonderful moments already, but I’m grateful for the encouragement to keep the camera clicking, even if my kids don’t understand my need to always be taking photos. Continue reading Dad, why do you take so many pictures?

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An ink set, six legs, and a stolen drawing…

Marvin is a beetle. He and his family live behind the kitchen cabinets in the Pompaday’s New York City apartment. James Pompaday and Marvin become fast friends when James discovers that Marvin has a fantastic ability to draw intricate, little drawings. Of course, it’s this skill and the fact that James’ parents think that he is the one that is making the drawings, that James and Marvin are drawn into a scheme to fake the burglary of a famous Albrecht Dürer drawing from the MET art museum. Will James and Marvin be able to recreate the famous drawing? Will Marvin make it safely back home, or will he be lost at the art museum forever?

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