Middle-Grade Fiction

These posts are about works of fiction that will most likely be enjoyed by children ages 8 through 12 (approximately).

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.”

— Dr. Seuss


If you’ve never heard of the The Princess Bride, I don’t know where you’ve been. I, like most, I’m sure, was first introduced to ThePrincess Bride in movie form. In fact, it is one of my favorite movies of all time. I’ve had the unfortunate luck however, that I’ve bought the movie on DVD four times over the course of several years, and each time, the DVD works only part of the way through the movie. What in the world? What does the universe have against me finishing this movie?! I think the time has come for me to purchase… Continue reading Inconceivable!

Resistance is Futile – Or is it?

One of the major themes that you will see me repeat time and time again in this blog is that you should be reading to your children. Today’s book, Titan Base by Eric S. Nylund, is a great read for anyone who enjoys action and adventure, and yes, a little mystery too. Titan Base is book 3 in the 4-book series called The Resisters. The kids and I are both loving this storyline! Any time I break off to try to read something else, they beg to return to this series as soon as possible. I can’t blame them. This… Continue reading Resistance is Futile – Or is it?

Ay! Ye be needin ta be readin with yer kids, ya scallywag!

During a recent trip to the library, I spotted this book on a small table with books marked as “Last Chance!” I assumed that this meant the books on the table were about to be removed from circulation if they weren’t borrowed soon. With its attractive, colorful cover, which is a picture of two children swinging from ropes into or over a blazing fire, I thought, “That looks interesting!” so, I borrowed it, in an attempt to save the poor book from being withdrawn. Continue reading Ay! Ye be needin ta be readin with yer kids, ya scallywag!

The Clone Wars may be over, but a new war is just beginning

Ahsoka is an excellent read for any Star Wars fan. I didn’t find any objectionable content in the story and would have no problem with my middle-grade and almost-teenager read it. I had a little trouble following where exactly Ahsoka was as she bounced from planet to planet (moon to moon?), but the story contained the usual Star Wars action, which is always fun for us as readers. The story also connects how Ahsoka becomes associated with the Rebel Alliance in its early days. Continue reading The Clone Wars may be over, but a new war is just beginning


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