Adult Fiction

These posts are about works of fiction that will most likely be enjoyed by an adult audience.

“He that loves reading has everything within his reach.”

— William Godwin

The spaceship was an alien zoo controlled by an A.I.

Timothy Zahn is definitely one of my favorite authors. He loves to explore a wide variety of topics in his science fiction novels. In The Sibyl’s War trilogy, he explores the question: “What if there was an alien ship, controlled by an ancient AI, that was then captured by space pirates who abducted people from all over the galaxy and made them fight each other to see if they would make good slave soldiers or not?” Continue reading The spaceship was an alien zoo controlled by an A.I.

Find the Robot, Save Humanity

I recently watched the Foundation series on AppleTv+. Although it’s not a fast-paced, action-packed, sci-fi thriller, I did think it was a great show. I feel like the show’s creators did an excellent job of helping us visualize the galaxy as Asimov describes it in his books. Now, I admit, I am new to the Foundation series, though it has existed for many years. The show was interesting enough that I wanted to start working my way through the books to get more of the story. Continue reading Find the Robot, Save Humanity

So, a Blonde Chases this Giant into a Cave…

archeologist, but he’s not exactly a treasure hunter either. Rousseau lives on a planet called Asgard. Imagine this world like an onion – layer upon layer – a world constructed by some alien race, an unimaginable amount of time in the past. Rousseau, like so many others, strives to reach the center of Asgard. Unfortunately, he has only ever traversed the first four levels down from the planet’s surface. Continue reading So, a Blonde Chases this Giant into a Cave…


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