We would primarily like to focus on reading and reviewing Middle-grade and Young Adult books for parents with kids who hate to read. If that sounds like you, we want you to know that our desire is to help provide you with guidance on which books may be good choices for your kids to read (and which ones you may want to steer clear of).

I have two-and-a-half kids that hate to read. One of them only sort of likes to read. So, as we do our research, read a whole bunch of books, and provide our opinions about the books we read, we’ll try to do it in such a way that will hopefully help our kids to learn to like reading, and hopefully, you’ll get some ideas that will help your kids to enjoy reading as well.

Meet our Bibliomaniacs


Amatuer Photographer

Aspiring Cinematographer

Still loves reading Star Wars books even though Disney decided to burn the canon like those book-killing monsters in Fahrenheit 451


Makes jewelry

Loves to crochet – unless it’s the Catan-themed blanket David has been asking for

Refuses to read anything but fiction – she doesn’t want to accidentally learn something…


Avid fan of dragons

Artist / Animator

Recently discovered that she sort of likes reading, but only a little – if dragons are involved


Loves movies and video games

Huge LEGO fan – woe be to those who would destroy his creations

Currently still has to be forced to read



Loves “upcycling” our trash

We have high hopes that he will become a miniature bibliomaniac