If at first you don’t succeed, burn the artificial brain and try again

Yesterday, I posted about the Netflix Original, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a Korean drama series. Today, we’re looking at JUNG_E, another Netflix Original movie coming out of Korea. I’m telling you, if your feed consists of all English movies and TV shows, you are really missing out. Let this be your sign to branch out and try something new.

Oh, in case you were wondering, it’s not worth it to watch the dubbed versions of these shows. You lose all the emotion of the original actors when you switch the audio to English, and emotion is the most important asset to these shows.


A Netflix Original

Rating: 3 out of 5.


In the 22nd Century, Earth is no longer habitable. The surviving humans have moved into orbiting habitats. When three of these habitats (out of 80) declare war on the rest, Yun Jung-yi works tirelessly to restore peace. As a loving mother, this decision to leave her daughter comes at a high price. Jung-yi’s daughter is terminally ill with lung cancer. The only way she’ll be able to afford her daughter’s treatment is by becoming a full-time soldier.

Jung-yi becomes a decorated war hero and the face of the Allied Forces. Sadly, she fails her final mission and is killed in combat. Kronoid, an AI research company, convinces Jung-yi’s family to allow them to clone her brain. Their goal is to create the perfect combat AI.

Thirty-five years later, Jung-yi’s daughter Seo-hyun is Kronoid’s lead researcher working on the combat AI project. Day after day, Seo-hyun uploads a copy of her mother’s brain into an artificial brain and runs it through a simulation of her mother’s last day. Each day, the AI fails the simulation until finally, Kronoid cancels the combat AI project. Tensions between the Allied stations and the rebels have eased, and a treaty is in the works. No longer required as soldiers, Kronoid’s robots are now destined to become household servants or worse (sex toys). When Seo-hyun learns these plans, she determines to help the last of the androids escape from Kronoid.

JUNG_E Trailer

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the movie, but I think I should watch it again to see what I missed when I was snoozing. The visual effects were incredible, but I was disappointed that most of the movie took place in the Kronoid lab. That means we didn’t really get to experience the orbital habitats. They only showed the habitats for a very short time – definitely not long enough to satisfy my curious imagination.

The action sequences were fun to watch, but again, since most of the movie was Seo-hyun in the lab with the AI version of her mother, the action was, for the most part, the same computer simulation over and over, with a brief fight scene at the very end. I understand why this repetition was important to the storyline, and eventually, it was revealed to us why the simulation failed every time (it’s not so much told to us outright, but I think it’s pretty obvious). If after you watch it, you’re not sure why the sim kept failing, let me know, and we’ll talk about it. I don’t want to spoil the movie here.

The storyline was, overall, pretty flat, or at least it seemed only to build to the final climax and resolution. There wasn’t any “Oh my gosh, how will the hero prevail now? Things look so hopeless!” It was just, run the sim, run the sim, run the sim, run for your life!

If you don’t mind subtitles, I’d say go ahead and give this one a watch. I know that my little review here is exactly a shining one, but it wasn’t a bad movie either. Watch, form your own opinion, and then head back over here and tell me about it in the comments.

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