Let’s Go!

This is their newest book

I am a simple man and that’s why I need a simple cook book! Love the step by step pictures and the hand holding ( no we are not dating). Humor goes well with my cooking because my family always laughs when I cook!

Dairy free is good because my wife is intolerant to dairy. I eat anything and when I cook anything without thinking… most times she can not eat it. This book makes that part easy and fun.

I did not read it fast I just looked at the pictures. Ha ha the real slow reading will happen when I am cooking and looking. Just have fun with this book.

One thought on “Let’s Go!

  1. It’s true! Your “leftovers casserole” left much to be desired. I think it was still runny after being in the oven for an hour at 600°. But, the Pepsi pancakes weren’t too bad!


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