Dad, why do you take so many pictures?

Real Life Family Photography

by Amy Drucker

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a delightful book written by a mother who happens to be the family photographer. Amy will encourage you to keep your camera close at hand so that you can capture life’s moments when they happen.

I think that one of the most encouraging messages that Amy expresses throughout her book is that we ought not to be afraid to capture the mundane activities of our daily lives. Our children will be grown and building families of their own far too soon. By capturing images of our kids doing their homework, or playing a video game, or brushing their teeth, we are freezing that moment in time. It may not seem like much today, but once the kids have grown, that captured moment will be all the more precious.

I can enthusiastically say that the vast majority of my favorite photos are those which were taken on just a regular old day – not a birthday or holiday.

As a parent, I am entering that dreaded phase of parenting a teenager, with two more not far behind. I anticipate blinking only a few more times before my kids are adults, so I’m glad that I have found Amy’s book now, while there’s a little time left to capture. Now, that’s not to say that I haven’t captured some wonderful moments already, but I’m grateful for the encouragement to keep the camera clicking, even if my kids don’t understand my need to always be taking photos.

I found this great YouTube video that really captures the spirit of why the photos I take are so meaningful to me.

Short Film “blur” by SIGMA

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One thought on “Dad, why do you take so many pictures?

  1. I used to take a camera everywhere I went and then a video camera… and then life hit me hard ( or so I thought ). My wife has taken over that role now and doing a good job of it. Me? I’m sorting through the tons of pictures/videos from the past and trying to get them ready for when I leave this world.

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