Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman
What to read while having leg therapy!
Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman


by Jonathan Kellerman

“The #1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman’s psychology skills and dark imagination are a potent literary mix.”

Los Angeles Times

I found this book to be….well when you find yourself scanning the pages for the important stuff….you’ve lost sight of where the story is going, then it’s not for you. This guy is a best selling Author so we have to like him right? Ok I’m not going down without a fight, so I’m going to read another of his hits and see how it goes. Now if you like a lot of detailed info about every person and thing in a story, then this book is for you. Because of “The Who done it” aspects of the story you need all the facts. And the end is finding the bad person and all that….not my cup of …well you know. Do not judge a book by me. As a matter of fact just read and think and grow. I know things now that I did not know before reading this book!

Animated book title – just for fun!

But I should tell you a bit of the story : After buying a new home and going through a great storm. You find the great tree in the back yard has fallen and revealed a small coffin with the bones of a baby inside. Then the bones of a baby are found in a park near a body of a young woman. Are there more? Are they related? The first is from years earlier but the fresh one and the girl? All is revealed in the end.

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